05 December 2013

Tate: Dats a cow on da milk.
Me: Yep.  Milk comes from a cow.
Tate: Milk comes from the store.
Me: Milk comes from a cow first, Tate.
Tate: It comes from the grocery store with food.


Me: You may not walk on my bed Tate.
Tate: I not walking on your bed mama. I dancing and dancing.  I got a tutu mommy and I dancing with the tutu on.


Tate: Funny old daddy texted mommy.

michelle cell 214 018


Tate: *carefully inspecting Dave’s face*
Dave:  Are daddy’s whiskers gone?
Tate: Uh-hum.
Dave:  Tate, where did daddy’s whisker’s go?
Tate:  They in daddy’s ears!
Dave:  What?? You’re silly, but you might have a point. Do you like when Daddy has whiskers?
Tate:  Uh-hum.  They funny.



Just A Normal Mom said...

I love literal kids. I'm not walking, I'm dancing!! Geez, Mom. ;-)

MommyLisa said...

SO cute. Does she look more like Finn now?

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