It’s Like a Slumber Party. In The Twelfth Circle of Hell, Maybe.

18 November 2013

I’m tired.  And I know, I know, no one wants to hear the complaining.  I don’t even want to hear myself complaining, but you guys, it’s justified.  I swear.

Three nights at a hotel with two kids and Dave.  This involves the trifecta of me allowing my six year old to ‘buy’ his total crap school lunch all week, making sure he has clean uniforms, and attempting to get him there on time in another town.  Our school commute went from two minutes to twenty… don’t forget to carry the three and add the five for the below freezing temps that required me to not only pull out the frost scraper, but to also drive a la Jim Carey in Ace Ventura.  Into direct sunlight, hey thanks time change.

Hotel staff probably thought we were cooking drugs or something what with all the decoupage action happening.  I also managed to move Tate and all of our stuff from one suite to another by throwing it all in a rolly crib.  The stuff that is, not Tate.  She walked, that is, when she wasn’t hanging on the bars of the crib ‘helping’ me.  I’m pretty sure the Residence Inn will be happy not to have us back anytime soon.

Also?  Sorry about the pen all over your white comforter.  I’ll give you one guess.

Then, two nights at my dad’s house sleeping on a waterbed and praying that I’d be able to hoist myself out of that sucker in the morning with two kids down the hall who did not want to be sleeping at all, the dog who was manic to see us after spending a whole {how dare we!}  three nights away without him, and the cat who was banished to the basement and somehow managed to get himself trapped behind a half wall in the midst of the tornado sirens going off.

Did I mention that we spent almost twelve hours at Maker’s Mart on Saturday?  It was awesome.  I have pictures.  And presents for one of you, but we’ll talk about that next week.

You know what else I did?   Duck Dynasty, that’s what.  Binge watched junk that is on cable because we don’t have it at home.

How was your week? Tell me something fun.


MommyLisa said...

So, I take it the renovations are going well. :)

planet crane said...

Thank you for complaining (really, no sarcasm...) I have been through my own week of home improvement hell and my inner pollyanna tells me I shouldn't be upset, because look at the stuff that's better now. It is, but I also realize how trying it can be when home, the place that is supposed to stroke your fur in the right direction, either doesn't, or is unavailable. Can't imagine going through it with little ones. Mantra: it's only temporary. :)

Kristina Grum said...

Crap, girl! No wonder we haven't been able to connect on the phone. Talk later this week for a sanity chat?

Anonymous said...

I share you pain... this time last year my hubby accidentally flooded our house (left sink on... and left the house...) so we had a major reno on our hands, and had to move into a hotel for a few weeks, we thought. Turned out to be 119 nights we lived in a small one room hotel room with a non-kitchen, with two kids and a dog. And working full time, driving kids to activities on the other side of town. It was crazy making, but we survived, and a I have a beautiful new kitchen now, and we were able to upgrade / change things we'd always thought of doing.

Sharon williams said...

home improvement is really a tough job, glad you made it really well !!

Anonymous said...

Funny, vacations with kids! Ha ha, and also enjoyed your 'grateful' post on hijacking Facebook.

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