Summer Swap. Sounds dirty, but it's really fun.

27 August 2009
My girlfriends and I have two swaps a year. And before you think you've stumbled upon THAT kind of blog, we don't swap husbands. We swap gifts. We have an ornament & cookie exchange in December and a summer swap. We keep the dollar amount low and encourage creativity, recycling, and having the gift be something fun.

So this year, I had Amanda in the swap. And since the gift is safely in her hands I can share it!

She's a Twilight fan(atic) so I thought it would be fun to make her gift themed as a psych up to the release of New Moon in theaters in November.

The gift bag & tag. I wrote I *heart* FORKS on a fork and hot glued it to the bag.

I printed the covers of the books out and hot glued them to some favor boxes I had. Amanda is also a big fan of candy so I filled each with a different kind of candy. The template for the bottle label can be found here. (I used Jones soda for this.)

My favorite thing was a cd that we (and by we, I mean Dave) burned for me using songs that Stephanie Meyer recommends for reading her books. I did the cover art for the cd while Dave found all of the songs in our massive cd collection and I think it turned out pretty dang cute!

I also added a red delicious apple and some other silly things to the gift bag. Happy Summer Amanda!! Hope you liked your silly gift.


Amanda said...

LOL, I didnt even see this post...I just did a post about it too, ha!
Thank you so much!

Michelle said...

LMAO! I just posted a comment to yours!

Amy said...

You only think we don't swap husbands....

Michelle said...

Boobs & Jeans, I know D isn't fast enough to go "running" all the way to NY. You keep your swapping ways to yourself! LOL.

@JessEsco said...

Ok I just randomly saw this and it is awesome! I like the idea!

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